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pierceart's Journal

Tamora Pierce Fanart
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We are a community dedicated to fanart based on the books by Tamora Pierce. All fanart is welcome. We do occassionally host events :)

Our Profile is currently under construction :)

During May we're holding a Fanart drive to launch pierceart

What: The Goldenlake/Pierceart Fanart Drive
Where: Goldenlake and [info]pierceart - you're encouraged to post your work on both, as well as to any other communities you wish (just remember to mention the Fanart Drive!)
When: May 1st to 31st
Why: Our fandom is distinctly lacking in fanart on the whole, so we're having a month where we encourage as much fanart to be made as possible
What's welcome: Icons, banners, layouts, comics, drawings or other fanart.
Why you should participate: At the end of the month, the [info]pierceart mods and admin will look over all the entries, and choose an artist to honour (in the way of either paid LJ account time, or an amazon book voucher). We are still working on the criteria for the Pierceart Artists Award, but will make it public as soon as it is finalised.
The catch: We're doing a Fanart Drive, so only NEW work can be submitted - anything made more than 6 months ago is not eligible.
Also: You need to tag any entries (from May 1st to 31st) with a "Fanart Drive: *title*, *rating*" subject line both here and on Goldenlake.