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17 May 2010 @ 02:53 am
Fanart and Fanvideo  
Warning: Heavy Post!
More than Gold (Alanna) + icons

and some icons:   
For the Goldenlake Fanart Challenge: Mastercard commercial.


PG (For blood)

Still experimenting with posture and backgrounds, so bear with me.

Song of the Lioness Trailer
Trailer for the Tamora Pierce quartet: Song of the Lioness.

Young Alanna (Page/Squire): Gabrielle (Xena) and Ginny (Harry Potter)
Knight Alanna: Rose (Titanic) and Eowyn (LOTR)
George Cooper: Hayden Christensen (Virgin Territory)
Roger of Conté: Ares from Xena and the Tim Roth from Virgin Territory
King Jonathan: Jonathyn Rhys Meyers (The Tudors)

Scenes in order:
Alanna putting on armour
Alanna through the ages
Alanna fighting
Jonathan puting on his helmet
George jumping to the ground
Roger walking
George circling
Gary reading from a book
Jonathan looking up
Alanna swinging her swords/fighting
Alanna/George/Jonathan/Roger title cards
Alanna fighting Roger
Roger doing the spell at the end of IthotG
Roger getting struck
Alanna's reaction
George leaving
Jonathan as King
Alanna practising magic
Alanna getting the Dominion Jewel
Jonathan using it
Jonathan fighting the Ysandir (after he gave his shirt to Alanna, I think)
Jonathan and Alanna making out
George's expression
Jonathan/Alanna making out more
George turning away
Jonathan/Alanna fighting, Alanna leaving
Jonathan/Delia (the blonde)
Jonathan/Thayet dancing
Thom practising magic on Rogers body
Roger coming back
Alanna practicing sword fighting
Roger returning
Jonathan/George alarmed
Alanna returning to Corus
The Goddess giving Alanna the emberstone
Thom/George arguing about his corrupted magic
Roger walking through the palace
Roger using his gift
Alanna using hers
The earthquake
Jonathan using the jewel
Alanna using her gift/sword on Roger
Roger falling
Jonathan on horseback
Alanna and lightning
Jonathan getting off his horse
Alanna lunging
George/Alanna kiss
Alanna fighting
Roger and his gift
Alanna fighting
Jonathan walking
Somebody getting hit by an arrow
George/Claw fight
Alanna taking off her helmet
Title card

Clips: Xena, Virgin Territory, The Tudors, Titanic, Harry Potter, Troy, LotR
Music: Welcome Home (Coheed and Cambria) and See Who I Am (Within Temptation)
Particle Illusion: Ayumilove sample
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 8

Everything has been posted already to the Goldenlake Forum, tamorafans and tortall.